JavaScript Experiments

This page is devoted to my adventures in the world of JavaScript. Though initially simple I hope they will become more advanced and interesting as I learn more. You will might not be able to fully understand each of the experiments because much of if takes place in the code; I'll try to provide a description.

Experiment #1

It's the friendly thing to do.

Experiment #2

Combine two strings and display them in the html:

Experiment #3

Greets you according to the time of day and displays the proper hour in 12 hour format.

Experiment #4

Tells you the day of the week using switches and an alert box.

Experiment #5

Name Check! (Don't worry, it doesn't store information) (Sorry, it's still in the works.)

Experiment #6

Rocky's far superior (and actually working) Name Check.

Experiment #7

Translation Bar- Look down at the bottom of the page, those flags are the results of this experiment. They work very nicely, but I wish the translated page didn't have the google frame at the top. If you know a way to remedy this let me know.

Experiment #8

A tool to look at varying text sizes.

Experiment #9

Here will be a calculator produced using JavaScript, which is to help with figuring out savings and spending.

Experiment #10

The loading message for the home page news was practice in changing classes of elements using javascript.