Program List

This is a guide of what programs and other pieces of computery randomness I find to be the best. I apologize to some of you, but this list is specifically for Windows (though many of these have versions for other systems). Unless otherwise noted all the programs here are free. I'm always willing to help with setting up one of these programs, feel free to let me know if you have a question or need a hand. If any of these links no longer work, or if you think there is something better than what I picked, let me know through my Contact page. I will maintain a copies of the files, but please download them direclty from the authors site through the primary link I give you. Getting them from the original site guarantees the file is current and gives the author credit. Also, please note that these programs are not mine and I am not responsible for what you do with them or the advice that I give you.


System Utilities






Programming Stuff

Game Backup

DVD Backup and Such